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Will You Allow Them to Murder Your Free speech?

Will You Allow Them to Murder Your Free speech?

Why are they removing these questions? Who gave them the right to insult Jesus and Marry? Why do they have to send American children to die for Israel?

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Yahoo Q and A must respect free speech and must not cave in to Report Monkeys.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Call for the NSW Transport and Infrastructure Corruption Inquiry

A Call for the NSW Transport and Infrastructure Corruption Inquiry

Taxi Reform Home link of the NSW Transport and Infrastructure is somewhat disturbing. In that document the T&I is asking for submissions regarding the very complex taxi plate issues before 11 March 2010. At outset, it appears the T&I is conspiring to cover up old crimes and attempting to provide some legitimacy to many illegitimate acts of the past and present, regarding a series of taxi plate scandals.

The above issues were not advertised properly and most taxi drivers, operators, owners and public in general know nothing about it. Obviously, the question I am asking is, “what are the reasons and grounds behind such secrecy?”

Why have the NSW T&I refused to compel the taxi networks to broadcast these types of messages?

Taxi Reform Home link, the NSW Transport and Infrastructure has ignored all other vital issues of the taxi industry including the Five Vital Components of the Taxi Industry. The NSW T&I is also blatantly using the taxi-payer’s funds and resources to protect the taxi plate value rather than protecting the public and state interests. Surely this is not the CHARTER of the NSW Transport & Infrastructure!

I therefore ask the Premier of NSW to initiate an immediate investigation about the conduct of the NSW T&I officials and their modus operandi.

Resolution of the so-called "Nexus Scheme" heading and information contains in that segment is very disturbing too.

In the past, the predecessors of the T&I had given hundreds of millions of dollars worth of public assets to people who could only be described as ‘criminals’. These people took those taxi plates under the guise of providing service to nexus area people, invalids and disabled people. In reality, they failed and refused to provide services to the intended people. They also double dipped the public, state and taxi drivers in general. The NSW T&I refused to take any action despite repeated requests to do so. Most of the time the T&I and those ‘protected species’ used racism and worker bashing to divert attention from these and other vital issues. TAXI COUNCIL (Limited) ON "CHERRYPICKING (front) and Deliberate Incitement are only two more examples in this regard.

The Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Report is another shameful episode. This questionable mob only spoke to one of the people who are responsible for this scandal. They also spoke to only other person who was beneficiary of this scandal. All of those people failed to (or refused to?) provide any documentation, evidence or any explanation regarding these scandals! Yet, Doloitte said, “ … While past poor administration and record keeping was noted, no evidence of corrupt conduct relating to the "Nexus Scheme" was found …”! One must wonder is it another example of promiscuity for virginity?

The NSW T&I officials also covered up about The Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Inquiry at that time to the authors of A Nexus Inquiry and Call for Nexus Inquiry!

One way to remove most of these corrupt and dangerous practices is handing over taxi plates to dedicated bailee taxi drivers through creative and service oriented modes with appropriate checks and balances. The seniority list register and many other incentive based scheme are only a few suggestions.

Unless the taxi industry is free of investors – the industry will remain captive, negative, anti-public, corrupt, vicious and counterproductive.

I also hope Price Waterhouse Coopers won’t compromise ethics, integrity, fairness and notion of justice for commercial interests.

Politician and Media Inspired Inquiry Summons Taxi Mafia, "Shifty Nifty", Director General of Musical Chair, … .

The approach of the NSW Taxi Council Limited is blatant and sugar coated i.e. NO MORE taxi plates. This approach is to ensure investor control as in many ways 90% taxis are under the thumbs of the investors and taxi bases. All these years they have manipulated the lease price and thereby the taxi plate price contrary to the wishes and interests of the state and public in general. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission must investigate this aspect of collusion and anti-competitive policies and practices with proper assistance of the NSW Transport and Infrastructure.

Many of those taxis mentioned above are not on the road because of operator A, B and C!

Operator A: Ruthless person and believes in charging the harsh and unjust maximum pay-ins to bailee drivers. This one will send 50 taxis on the road at the rate of $80 (for example) to make $4000.00. This person also believes such a scenario will reduce maintenance cost and will increase profit thereby.

Operator B: Not a bad fellow. B will send 60 taxis at the rate of $60 (for example) to make $3600.00 and so forth. Considering the extra maintenance cost, despite providing more service, Operator B will be making less profit. It is dumb, anti-public and anti-service.

Operator C: These good folks drive themselves and do not want to engage bailee taxi drivers to reduce their workers' compensation premium and insurance cost. Again a lesser service oriented environment is not encouraging to utilise most taxi cabs!

The NSW TDA: The remaining three and a half (out of 12 elected) Committee Members of the NSW Taxi Drivers Association for many reasons fighting to say NO MORE taxi plates to protect their meagre income! They are not realising that a fairer arrangement at the NSW Industrial Relations Commission can provide them a minimum income according many Case Laws of this land. More taxi plates with pro-service conditions got very good potential to eliminate ruthless Operator A and enhance more income.

Most importantly, taxi plates got no intrinsic value and they are the property of the state and public. Therefore; they must be utilised for the benefit of the state and public in general. Please note plates provide nothing. Nothing of any use! $400,000 to provide nothing! $28,600PA for nothing!! Except higher operator costs!!! Higher pay-ins and higher taxi fares!?

Again let's get the five point agenda correct!

Five Vital Components of the Taxi Industry

1. Taxi Industry is a service oriented industry.

2. Taxi Passengers must be given a safe and comfortable ride.

3. Taxi Drivers must be provided with a safe workplace and safer work practices.

4. Taxis plates are the property of the state and general public.

5. Taxis licenses must be used for the benefit of the people of New South Wales. Both the commuter and workers within the taxi industry must benefit not just a few privileged "stake-holders" as is the present situation.

However, the NSW Transport and Infrastructure's Conspiracy to Cove Up Crimes, Desperate Issues Papers and many more evidence clearly demonstrate the fact that the NSW T&I is openly and madly in love with taxi plates and interests of taxi investors contrary to the wishes and interests of the state, travelling public, taxi operators, bailee drivers and society in general!

Can any one explain how and from what authority the NSW T&I gained such a power like Rasputin?

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now

Mobile: 041 091 4118

Email: union_faruque@yahoo.com.au

Saturday, 6 March 2010

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